This can be Yours!
Brand new, fully equipped, mobile coffee business;
Car with eye catching design and easy memorable logo;
This little van with powerfulness inside, which can produce 150-200 cups per hour at maximum load. So if you know a place where people gather and likes to drink coffee, this can be quite profitable;
All the rights to unique design and this domain (p.s all vector files included [logo, car print layouts, web files]);
   equipment specifications
  • Italian coffee machine La Pavoni BART2L - semi automatic with 2 coffee groups, 2 milk steamers and 1 hot water nozzle.
  • Runs on electric and GAS!
  • GAS tank 30 liters. GAS type LPG-30 which produces very clean flame and doesn`t soots boiler.
  • 2x batteries: E-NEX Marine starting 12v 100AH
  • Inverter 300W
  • Battery charger C-TEK MXS-50
  • Water membrane pump 40W, which only works when boiler`s water level decresed.
  • Coffee machine stands on sliding table, which drives out of car back. Table is supported by one wheel in the miidle of it.
  • FIAT Panda, 2003
  • 1.1 Liter, petrol
  • 40 KW
  • ~100 000 km
  • Very clean inside and out
  • Electric windows
  • CD player
  • ABS
  • Airbags
  • Imported from Germany 6 months ago it has passed NCT and taxed (only 200e per year)
  • Full service history

Price: 10 000 EUR
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